Carnival of Open Records

I enjoy following the Carnival of Open Records sponsored by WikiFOIA, and since there was an opening for a host this week, I thought “why not give it a shot myself?” So, here are links to the best or funniest or just most interesting blog posts about open records over the last week or two.

Wisconsin Online Court Records Should Remain Open To Public – Why not start off with the post that I myself nominated for the carnival? I’ve linked to Caffeinated Politics before due to this post (Court Records), and their take on this issue is still good reading.

Jill Chambers Making Waves – There isn’t a ton of meat on the post itself from Georgia’s Peach Pundit, but take a look at the comments section for some interesting dialogue about open records.

Fenty Drops Plan to Purge City E-Mails After 6 Months – A lot of activity on the FOIA circuit churned up when Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty made an executive order to purge many city e-mails from the system. All this activity was enough to push Mayor Fenty into withdrawing his order, much to the pleasure of the transparency backers at EDD Blog Online.

Pennsylvania Legislature screws it up again – Anyone that pays attention to public records access issues in the US knows that there has been a huge push in Pennsylvania to improve it’s FOIA laws. As Tony Phyrillas recounts at his blog, the legislature is not as excited about improving openness as the rest of the state seems to be.

the kavips Compromise – In this post Delaware blog kavips examines the results of a staff report produced by the Delaware Public Service Commission Staff, and has some pretty damning things to say about government officials who vote against FOIA.

A Guide To Hiding Public Records – I started off this edition of the Carnival with a Wisconsin link, so I’ll finish it off that way as well. Here, Washburn’s World wonders if this piece is truely as satirical as we hope. (My take here.)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Carnival of Open Records, and if you are interested, please sign up to host one yourself.


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