Quasi private entities and open records

As I was searching online for more information about this issue, I found a great write up about the public / private dividing lines of the Beaver Dam Area Development Corp at Fighting Bob. I read the post, I found myself nodding in agreement at lines like this:

Wisconsin’s open meetings law does not mince words. “The public,” it declares, “is entitled to the fullest and most complete information regarding the affairs of government as is compatible with the conduct of governmental business.” Some Wisconsin communities, however, are seeking to avoid this clear mandate through the use of quasi-public entities funded with public dollars. A case in point is the city of Beaver Dam.

and then I got to the end. This posting is from 2004!!!! See all those exclamation points? That is meant to indicate my shock and disgust that this SAME EXACT ISSUE between the BDADC and Walmart was pointed out over 3 years ago, and has still not been resolved.

Other states have dealt with the questions of “private” companies and their FOI-ability (some examples here), so what exactly is holding Wisconsin up?


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