Friday Link Round Up – brought to you by juvenile behaviour

Most of the time I try to borrow DVD’s from the library rather than renting them, so I end up watching some pretty dry or outdated stuff. This week though, library films were not cutting it so I watched Transformers and Ratatouille instead. I also ate way more candy than is healthy. 🙂

Republicans Testing Schweitzer’s Openess – The AP performed a review of public record requests that Montana (Democratic) Governor Schweitzer has received, and found that the majority of them came from Republicans. Well, duh. Just like the majority of public record requests that Missouri (Republican) Governor Blunt is getting come from Democrats. While I am a firm believer that open records are a non-partisan issue, of course there will always be those that will take any opportunity to dig up dirt on the competition – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Keeps ’em honest.

Termination Raises FOI Questions – In Arkansas, a school superintendent is refusing to comply with an open records request regarding a bus driver’s termination, despite having responded lawfully to similar requests in the past. When questioned on that, she said “I’ve learned better.” What does that even mean?! I hope she doesn’t think she’s learned that she can get away with such disregard for FOIA…

Confirmed- Austin Energy Providing Customer Data To Austin Police – Blogger Robert Guest of I Was the State in Texas has used FOIA to great effect by turning up a warrentless surveillance program. The Austin police department and the Austin energy department have been sharing information in an attempt to track down marijuana growers in the city… kind of a clever approach, too bad it’s against the law.


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