Friday Link Round Up – brought to you by Edward Gorey

I have a tear-away-a-day calender on my desk of Edward Gorey illustrations. Today’s page is my second favorite:


My very favorite of all time is poor Neville. Check out the whole book if you enjoy macabre humor.

Free public records rule approved for county officials – OK, and what about the people who already paid for these documents? You know, the taxpaying PUBLIC?

 Gov. Crist signs bill of rights to open records – Also in Florida, there is a new “bill of rights” for people requesting public documents. It:

requires officials to respond promptly, bars them from charging more than the law allows for copies and prohibits them from demanding that requests be put in writing unless specifically required by statute.

In other words, to follow the law that already exists.

Easing access New form may improve getting to public records – Greenwich, CT is hoping that citizens making open records requests will use the new form they have created. Only, the form includes such information as the requestors name and address… which is against the law in CT to demand.

Wisconsin bills would limit requests on open records – Here’s an article about local happenings. I thought this was funny mostly because of the source… who knew that truckers keep tabs on open records legislation in WI?


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