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The guys at CRG are at it again. This time, they are digging into the goings on of the Vernon County Board of Supervisors. It seems that there are suspicions of wrongdoing surrounding a vote over a hog farm in Vernon County. The son of county supervisor Maynard Cox worked for the owners of the hog farm, and questions have risen about whether or not inappropriate correspondence may have occurred regarding a moratorium vote last August. Sounds like exactly the type of situation FOIA requests are so good at addressing!

Well, supervisor Maynard Cox called in legal counsel for advice after receiving an open records request from CRG. (Heaven forbid he just comply with a request for documents without paying a lawyer.) Counselor Greg Lunde said that:

Cox does not have access to a county email address and any such records that would exist would be on a personal email account and therefore would not be subject to open records”

Unfortunately for Cox and Lunde, that’s not true. Much like this case in Virginia, even if a county supervisor maintains all of their public correspondence on a personal computer or a personal e-mail address, it is still subject to open records requests. ‘Cause it’s still public correspondence, get it?

After having that pointed out, Cox and Lunde are now trying to avoid turning over the documents by charging in excess of $3,000. Kind of makes you wonder what’s in those e-mails, doesn’t it? And what may have gone up in flames

in the burning barrel behind his house”

Full article here.


3 Responses to “More from Citizens for Responsible Government”

  1. 1 Jeanne Dubord February 5, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    I am dealing with this situation mentioned and according to public record law, if the iformation requested benefits the community more then the person requesting the information, it falls under a fee waiver or in the least a reduction of the fee.
    We are having the county board target those on the board now that are against the farm and trying to press charges on them for whatever they can make up. They were just trying to do their job. Good people are not running for fear of what could happen to them.
    I filed as an agrieved person against the counties decision along with many others and it was decided that the board had no jurisdiction over the counties decision since they made them exempt from the Facility Livestock Siting permit.
    It all started when they were grandfathered claused in by the county because they said they were vested in it so far. They got the building permit which did not include the manure pit underneath. Kay Kanske said it was no different then a basement of a house. I guess this means we can all put manure in our basements. She is nuts to not see any difference. What basement requires a nutrient management plan or spreading sites and engineers overseeing it’s construction? In reality they did not need the permit because this township doesn’t require one if the have a driveway.
    There has been many things wrong with the way this farm has been hnadled and the review board from what I was told repremanded Lunde and the board for grandfathering them in.
    We are going to fight this and are in need of donations for a lawyer and the release of the records requested. If anyone knows of an organization or individuals that may help us out, they could get hold of me through the Valley Stewardship Network in VIroqua, WI.

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