Friday Link Round Up – brought to you by the World of Warcraft.

I spent way too much time to be healthy playing WoW this week. I was working on leveling my gnome warlock so that she can make one of these. Yep, I’m a big dork.

S.D. Open Records Task Force proposal is met with hesitation – This is too bad; transparency activists in South Dakota are giving up on getting the legislature to “flip the presumption” on open records. As it stands, all governmental documents are presumed to be exempt from disclosure, unless a court proves that the public will be served by releasing them. This is in contrast to the majority of states (including Wisconsin, yay) where all documents are presumed to be open to the public unless they can be proved otherwise.

Man convicted in Norfolk homicide challenges law prohibiting access to records – Felons are generally not permitted to make open records requests. (They lose rights for, you know, breaking the law.) This Virginia man is challenging the constitutionality of that prohibition. Kind of a nit-picky question: Why doesn’t he just ask his family or lawyer to file the request and give him the docs?

Govs’ e-mail purges raise hackles  – “E-mail has become the communications tool of choice in the past decade, but imbroglios involving the governors of Missouri and Texas show that the rules of paperless messaging are still evolving and can create problems for state government.”


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