Friday Link Round Up – brought to you by the Mad Rollin Dolls!

The first game of the MRD 2008 season is tomorrow! It is going to be awesome — I can’t wait! Buy your tickets here.

Jan08 MRD bout poster

Open Records – from the Argus Leader blog Voices. I like this post because it comes from the point of view of a journalist sympathetic to the notion that open records are for everyone. Sometimes there is a thorny relationship between reporters and citizen journalists (i.e., bloggers) regarding who ‘deserves’ easy access to public information, but I think the writer here understands that far more everyday citizens file open records requests than journalists do, and that they are just as deserving of those documents as professional journalists. Now if only the government would start responding to all requests as quickly as they do to those from newspapers!

Is Everything a Threat to ‘Officer Safety’? Wylie PD Edition – from Texas blog I Was the State. Be careful reading this one:


Dark Cloud over Government E-mail – Washington blog Liberty Live is very critical of a recent open records ruling issued in King County. As they say:

We believe that public business conducted on public computers should be open to public scrutiny.”

I really can’t argue with that.

Perry’s Emails: Dive in! – from another Texas blog, The Texas Observer. I was saving the best for last. This post is about the documents that local blogger John Washburn requested (and received months later) from TX Governor Rick Perry. Ever wonder if staff in the governor’s office are using e-mail appropriately? Dig through the messages and decide for yourself!


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